Father John Misty

Recently I have been introduced to the beautiful music of FatherJohnMisty… & you should be too…




I spoke in rhymes untold, you listened to the word.
I found no peace to hold and no joy. Thats absurd.
Oh how I long to see you, too bad it isnt now.

But wait, I wonder, why?
Why you… why me… why not?

I see the sight you saw, I cannot change a thing.
I read the book of law, and I began to sing.
I sang for love & joy. I sang for pride and hate.
I held them all above, and they did seperate.
They rose like smoke from fires bright, and slowly left my view.
I saw them then for what they were, but now I can see You.



Ok, so i haven’t written anything in almost a year. Its either because I’m really busy these days or I’m terrified of writing…Today I want to share a picture with you that is interesting (& blurry).

A few years back my wife & I spent new years in Gatlinburg, TN. Its a lovely place nestled in the mountains and there are pancake restaurants as far as the eye can see. Its like Heaven.

On our way home we were reminded of the dangers of Hell by none other than…


This guy had LED lights streaming scripture on his rear window reminding you that you could die and go to hell. The vehicle also came complete with a custom paint job that even had a “logo” of sorts to symbolize the danger. If you look closely you will see a small stick figure type man screaming because he is surrounded by flames…in hell. I’ve seen some crazy evangelistic techniques in my time but the HELL JEEP beats them all.

Wow… there are no words.


“christianized ghetto” apparel

American idol x shirti pod x shirtmt dew x shirtstaples x shirtyou tube xshirtMany moons ago I was on my way home from the beach with my family and we stopped at a store. They sold the above t-shirts, among many others.  I chose to show these because they were very interesting.  I especially love how Jesus is compared to the “easy button”.


christian anarchist animation

These are brilliant.  




The Emergent “Peace Pipe” is outlawed.


I am not a cigarette smoker… usually.  However, from time to time I have been known to occasionally enjoy a clove.  But now since the federal government has put a ban on all flavored tobacco (this includes cloves) they are just as illegal as marijuana.  Oh well, its probably for the best, although it is odd that the government is just now stepping in on this decision.  The main reason for this post is to acknowledge how devastated many of my friends will be once they find out the sad news.  For many “emergent” types out there they will now have to part ways with their sacred leaf, unless they can get them on the black market… which brings up a myriad of other questions.  I think I know a shop downtown that still has them in stock.  I may go grab a pack just to say farewell and savor the flavor one last time…



Being a dad can be a challenge.  This is my 6 year old daughter Natalie.  She is a lively little girl with a great outlook on life.  Last night she finally pulled out one of her front teeth that was loose.  It was in that moment that I realized she is growing up.  One day I will watch her grow into a beautiful young woman.  This thought brings feelings of both joy and sadness.  The reason for this reflection is that father’s day is coming up this weekend and I suppose this has been bouncing around in my head lately.  As the years roll on, I struggle to be a good father and many times…I fail.  That is the nature of the beast.  We are all too human and we will let our children down, just like our fathers let us down.  I have friends who occasionally grab a beer with their dad and seem to enjoy the time they spend together.  I also have friends that  don’t have a clue who their father is or where he lives.  When the outcomes of human fatherhood can be as varied as these two examples, what do we make of Jesus’ claim that God is our father and that he wants to give us good gifts?  Like allot of other things he says Jesus seems to imply something very profound in a very concise, simple statement.  Here is an example where not all fathers will measure up to the standard of a good God who takes care of his children.  Just as I don’t always measure up to that standard, the metaphor itself (of God as a father) doesn’t seem to meet the standard either.  God may be correctly thought of as a good father but the emphasis should be placed on the former not the latter.  It is his goodness that sustains us and gives us life, not his “fatherhood” per say.  Other working metaphors such as mothers and grandparents could be replaced when were talking about God from outside the text itself.  Father’s may fail us or they may do good, regardless it is no easy job to raise children.  There are challenges that I never imagined and now that Natalie has her 1 month old baby sister (Maya) at home there are allot of sleepless nights and long hours filled with crying.  But hey, Its all good.  My faith journey is a work in progress but fatherhood is one connection point between my life and the scriptures that is a constant source of inspiration and motivation.  One look in my daughter’s eyes and allot of my naive, nihilistic assumptions about life are not important at all.  It is in that moment that as a parent you know what you should do.  You just hope you can follow through with the task at hand.  If you are a father or if you have  a father, reflect on the nature of that relationship this father’s day.  For all the hardships we may face we should realize it’s mothers and fathers that keep pushing this experience we call life forward.  To be a father is to be in the company of the creator.


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